Hockey Mouth Guard

Hockey is a high contact sport and hockey mouth guards are absolutely mandatory at at several different levels in hockey as it is believed to prevent concussions.

In 2002, Dr. Brian Benson published a study on the risk factors for concussion among 642 male hockey players wearing either full face shields or half face shields (visors).  He and his colleagues found that the use of a full face shield significantly reduced the playing time lost because of concussion as compared with the use of a half face shield—suggesting that the severity of concussion may be reduced.  The study also seemed to suggest that hockey mouth guard use reduced concussion severity.

Aside from prevention concussions, a hockey mouth guard can also help provide is protection against damage to teeth and dental work such as dental crowns, bridges, porcelain veneers, and dental implants.  When a blow is delivered to the mouth the force of the impact is absorbed by the structures the blow lands upon.  In the case of hard oral tissues such as teeth, a forceful impact can easily cause tooth fractures, cause tooth dislodgement, or damage existing dental work.

So make sure you have a good quality hockey mouth guard before you play your next game.

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Things To Look For In A Hockey Mouth Guard

Always make sure that your hockey mouthguard fits properly and is comfortable in your mouth.  The plastic should be soft but firm and not hurt your mouth tissues.

Also make sure that the hockey mouthpiece you choose protects your back teeth as well as your front teeth.

Hockey Mouth Guards We Recommend

The Shock Doctor Double STC Adult Strapless Mouthguard is the perfect hockey mouth guard. It features the following features:

  • Double mouth guard with semi-rigid inner shock transfer core covered by a soft moldable outer layer allows for easy and precise molding.
  • M.O.R.A. performance enhancement may increase strength and athletic performance.
  • Aerofil shaped rear pads help protect the jaw, jaw joints.
  • Stabilizes the lower jaw for side impacts.
  • Central breathing vents.
  • $12,500 dental warranty.

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