Basketball Mouthguards

Most people don’t think twice about wearing a mouthguard when playing basketball, they dismiss mouthguards as only for “higher contact” sports like hockey and football.

However, you may be surprised to learn that one study showed that at least at the student level the incidence of mouth injury was actually higher for basketball and soccer athletes than for football and hockey players.

Basketball players were found to be twice as likely to sustain a mouth injury in comparison to football players.

Therefore you should definitely look into purchasing and using a basketball mouthguard before your next game if you want to protect yourself.

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Tips When Choosing A Basketball Mouthguard

Make sure the basketball mouthpiece fits into your mouth well.

The plastic should also be relatively spongy, but still stiff to help absorb a portion of the force by any contact.  The stiffness of a sports mouthpiece will allow it to help distribute a delivered blow over a larger surface area, thus buffering the amount of direct force any one tooth or mouth area is subjected to.

If your basketball mouthguard is too rigid, it may irritate your gums and the soft tissues of the mouth when you wear it.

As basketball is a low contact sport, you can choose a thinner mouth guard for protection.  Higher contact sports such as boxing, require thicker mouth guards.

Basketball Mouthguards We Recommend

The Shock Doctor Double STC Adult Strapless Mouthguard is the perfect hockey mouth guard. It features the following features:

  • Double mouth guard with semi-rigid inner shock transfer core covered by a soft moldable outer layer allows for easy and precise molding.
  • M.O.R.A. performance enhancement may increase strength and athletic performance.
  • Aerofil shaped rear pads help protect the jaw, jaw joints.
  • Stabilizes the lower jaw for side impacts.
  • Central breathing vents.
  • $12,500 dental warranty.

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  1. Greg says:

    I have a son who has braces and plays a lot of basketball on travel teams. What mouthfuls would you recommend for protection plus breathability (ie. Easy to breath with).

    Thanks for your help.

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