Shock Doctor Mouth Guards

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  1. Oral Lacerations – Shock Doctor Gel Fit Liners surrounded by exoskeletal shock frame ensure retention and comfort while protecting against internal oral lacerations.
  2. Tooth Injuries – Patented multi-layer, semi-rigid Shock Transfer Core and Monocoque Frame construction absorb and deflect damaging impacts.
  3. Jaw Fracture – Integrated Kraton® jaw pads and Monocoque Frame vertical wall extensions help prevent injuries caused by side and bottomjaw impacts.
  4. TMJ Disorder – Shock Doctor’s patented design features help protect the TM joint from dislocation and related injuries.
  5. Brain Concussion – Shock Doctor’s patented multi-layer construction featuring integrated Kraton® jaw pads absorb shock to help protect against brain concussions.


Gel-Fit Liner – The Gel-Fit Liner takes an exact impression of the teeth, providing a tight, comfortable fit. Gel-Fit material is external or internal, single or multilayer combinations of gel that conforms to the teeth to create a secure fit, increasing retention and the protection provided by all the components of the Shock Doctor Mouthguard.

Insta-Fit – Designed to fit braces: a special Ortho-Channel fits around brace brackets and adapts to changes in tooth position as braces are adjusted. 100% percent medical-grade silicone, no boiling or custom fitting is required.

Monocoque Shock Frame – The Monocoque Shock Frame provides a stable foundation that helps shield teeth and protects the jaw against injury: vertical wall extensions on the frame help limit lateral jaw movement caused by side impacts. The protective channel also contains the flow of the moldable gel layer for a close, integrated fit around the teeth.

Exoskeletal Shock Frame – The external, rubber Exoskeletal Shock Frame with integrated jaw pads provides maximum impact protection for the teeth, jaw, and brain in an easy to fit triple layer design. This shock-absorbing frame is combined with a more pliable mid-density core to provide structure for a third layer of soft conformable gel that molds to the teeth.

Multi-Layer Construction – Proven multi-layer construction with an internal shock-absorbing frame offers protection and fit that outperforms conventional mouthguards. The combination of formable material with an integrated shock-absorbing protective structure is a Shock Doctor Mouthguard first, and is expanded on and incorporated in numerous Shock Doctor mouthguards.

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